2018 Trail Level Vehicle Equipment Requirements

Minimum & Trail Level 1-3 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

For the Chile Challenge, ALL VEHICLES must be currently state titled, & registered or have a current OHV tag. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT for each vehicle are Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Seat Belts for all Occupants, Working CB Radio, Roll Cage If not a Factory Hard Top & Front & Rear Tow Hooks.

Trail Level 1-5 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

In addition to the Minimum & Trail Level 1-3 Vehicle Equipment Requirements, Trail Level 1-5 Equipment Requirements add 33" Tires.

Trail Level 1-6 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

In addition to the Minimum & Trail Level 1-5 Vehicle Equipment Requirements, Trail Level 1-6 Equipment Requirements add a Winch or One Locker.

Trail Level 1-8 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

In addition to the Minimum & Trail Level 1-6 Vehicle Equipment Requirements, Trail Level 1-8 Equipment Requirements add a Winch & One Locker.

Trail Level 1-9 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

In addition to the Minimum & Trail Level 1-8 Vehicle Equipment Requirements, Trail Level 1-9 Equipment Requirements add 35" Tires & both Front & Rear Lockers.

Trail Level 1-12 Vehicle Equipment Requirements

In addition to the Minimum & Trail Level 1-9 Vehicle Equipment Requirements, Trail Level 1-12 Equipment Requirements add 37" Tires.

Easy Trails; Difficulty Level 1, 2 & 3

Chloride Canyon Level 1 Trail begins in the Gila National Forest at the intersection of of NM State Hwy 59 & National Forest (NF) Rd 226.  The Trail travels south and east through the Forest, crossing over the Continental Divide into the Chloride Canyon crossing easily fordable ChlorideCreek frequently until terminating at the old mining town of Chloride. The museum at Chloride, and a local café should be open. The sites to be seen along the trail include; petroglyphs, abandoned cabins, small caves and abandoned mining equipment. Lunch stop will be made at a clearing where there is a “modern” outhouse. 6-8 hours travel time.  

Bottle Tree Loop Level 2 Trail consists of very scenic trails that encompass several abandoned mines and a pass that allows a great view of the area. Most of the trail is considered a 2 rating with the exception of 1 climb that would be considered a 3. Travel time 3-4 hours.

After crossing the Rio Grande the Palomas Gap Level 2 Trail starts low then gradually climbs an old mountain road built by Chinese Laborers in the 1800's. This road was used to haul water from the river to the new railroad. It is narrow in spots as it clings to the side of a canyon, but the scenery is spectacular as you climb to the high desert crossing before reaching the Caballo Rim. Travel time 6 hours.

Palomas High Desert Level 3 is a new trail this year which has been run to confirm its difficulty level and to train the Trail Leader and Tail Gunner. Trail description has yet to be written.

Outer Loop Level 3 Trail follows a rugged drainage ditch through beautiful mountains, past abandoned mines and old ranch corrals and equipment. During the monsoons, seasonal rains pour down connecting canyons and rearrange the trail with new washed out areas and boulders.  This tail lies in a very remote area and there is always a new challenge just around the next turn.

Sparky's Loop has been taken off the 2017 Trail List as it has been determined that recent rains have made the trail not passable as of September 15. All those who have signed up to Sparky's Loop will be reassigned to Palomas High Desert. If Sparky's Loop becomes open prior to 11 October, that information will be passed at the Event, at the Riverside Campground.

(Not For 2017) Sparky’s Loop Level 3 Trail is an old ranch road that follows McLeod Canyon north to McLeod Tank, connects to a county road and then connects to an old mine road south over Red House Mountain Pass. Along the way you will find a beautiful narrow canyon, some play spots for those  wanting a little boulder hoping and a spectacular mountain pass with washed out areas to navigate and Grand Canyon style views. Truly a gem of a trail! This trail ends in Hatch so we might be ready to stop in at Sparky’s for a cheeseburger!

Desert Wandering Level 3 Trail is a new trail this year and it really gets you off the beaten path. When it was explored this summer its existence was reflected on current maps, but the trail appeared as if there had been no traffic on it for at least ten years. It wanders through the hills through some  magnificent views of mountains and valleys of the Rio Grande. Careful negotiation of washouts, picking a good line through arroyos, and artful tire placement on a few rocks will make this easy trail a real adventure. 

Moderate Trails; Difficulty Level 4, 5 & 6

Out There & Back Again Level 4 Trail is an old mine road that heads north from Hatch and then crosses over Red House Mountain. The pass is scenic, but challenging, as it has had irregular maintenance. Several washed out spots will challenge your driving skills. Once over the pass, the trail connects to a county road for a short distance before turning onto a double track ranch road. It then crosses a working cattle ranch following ridgelines and a drainage system until it connects with Lost Hills Mine Road.

Rattler Level 4 Trail starts out of Green Canyon arroyo and then it turns out of the main canyon on an accent to the top of the Canyon. A few challenges will be present as you cross in and out of the canyon bottom before reaching the top. Depending on the size of the group, lunch will most likely be at the mountaintop taking in the views of the area. Following lunch you will descend down the backside dropping off a few ledges along with tight turns before exiting back into Green Canyon. Rear locker may be of assistance, but so will be the other vehicles on the trail. 4-5 hours travel time.


Scratch Level 6 Trail was so named because of the high probability of NM pin striping there. Lots of ocotillo cacti have been encountered. It is one of the shorter trails, but it does require time and attention to what you are doing. Look for many large boulders and narrow squeezes through which negotiate. This trail has claimed at least one ring and pinion gear! 4-5 hours travel time.

Apache Canyon Level 6 Trail begins at the Caballo Lake Dam. The trail goes through Apache Canyon and continues to the top of the Caballo Mountains. The trail could be Level 1 or 2, but two sections of ledges (12” to 18”) and large rocks (12” to 20”) must be negotiated. There are no “by- passes” for these obstacles. There is one optional ledge of about 30” for the adventurous, but this obstacle can be by-passed. The trail takes you to the top of the southern peak of the Caballo Mountains then runs along a ridge to the northern peak. The vistas are spectacular. From the northern peak Elephant Butte Lake and the town of Truth or Consequences can be seen, and along the ridgeline, Space Port American is can be seen with binoculars. Trail ends at Truth or Consequences.

(Not for 2017) Apache Canyon (Up & Back Again) Level 6 Trail follows Apace Canyon to the end playing on all the obstacles and challenging all drivers. At the end of the Canyon, a lunch stop, then turn around and run back down the canyon to its start. Two sections of ledges (12” to 18”) and large rocks (12” to 20”) must be negotiated since there are no “by-passes” for these obstacles. There are optional ledges and boulders of about 30” for the adventurous, but these obstacles can be by-passed.

Breathtaker Level 6 Trail is all about paying attention to the vehicle ahead. After reaching the trail- head, the trail becomes narrow and tight in places causing the vehicle to straddle V shaped canyon bottoms. A few obstacles that will need to be climbed are steep and tight on each side. Providing that “mother nature” doesn’t reshape the trail in September, it should be a good trail for OHVs with 33-inch tires. One locker will be most useful negotiating the trail. Approximately two thirds of the way from the top the trail will fork. The right fork will prove more challenging.

Hard Trails; Difficulty Level 7, 8 & 9

Narrows Level 8 Trail starts out in a brushy flat area but quickly changes into a narrow canyon filled with boulders, ledges and dry waterfalls.  This trail is absolutely a challenge of driving skill. The fun starts almost immediately with a decent ledge to negotiate followed by a large boulder in the middle of the trail. Two of the largest obstacles are next; The Fangs; a four-foot ledge and The Waterfall; a six-foot narrow chute. Both require close and rapid attention. This trail is packed with obstacles from start to finish. Body damage is a real possibility if situational awareness is not maintained.

Sidewinder Level 8 Trail begins out east of I-25 on a graded road until reaching a two track heading south across the mountainside to the trailhead. Leaving the trailhead the trail drops down into a fairly deep canyon after which all driving effort is focused upon making it to the top of the hills. One obstacle is narrow and full width vehicles may experience body damage in an effort to get through it. This trail will test both driver and vehicle. Sidewinder should be a challenge for drivers who haven’t “stepped” into the more extreme trails.

(Not for 2017) Green Canyon Level 8 Trail follows the arroyo that flows through the Southern Caballo Mountains. It starts out as a wide, sandy arroyo and may seem to the uninitiated that its difficulty level does not live up to its rating. As the canyon gets narrow and the canyon walls become higher, the boulders start appearing and so does the fun. The boulders get bigger and the obstacles get harder.  Pretty soon, expectations are clearly met. The trail has something for all hard and extreme capable four-wheel drives. All past drivers of Green Canyon Trail have never been disappointed!

Lost Boys Level 9 Trail has it all; boulders, ledges, narrow spots and amazing scenery. The route starts off with some easy warm ups then gets serious pretty quickly. Following a narrow drainage ditch past some old mining claims over large boulders and up 3-4 foot ledges. Near the end the last big obstacle, “Game Changer”, is a near vertical 6-foot dry waterfall for those drivers who will try anything once. The sneak route around “Game Changer” is a hard move but there is a natural winch point if required. There are sneak routes around the harder obstacles but beware the sneak routes are mostly Level 7. This trail is sooo much fun, but beware of body damage and scratches! 

Ol’Skool Level 9 Trail provides Rock Crawling experience at the next level; just beneath Exteme. This trail is hidden within the Caballo Mountains, which branches off the Scratch Trail. The first obstacle is about 1/3 mile into the route. Extreme Level vehicles conquer the obstacle on the right and advanced level vehicles conquer the obstacle on the left. Once through, the trail continues up the mountain with off camber spots. This trail is very technical, one obstacle after another, full of large boulders, ledges and notches that will make this a full day adventure.

The Cabin Level 9 Trail is a short uphill winding water trough. This is an Extreme trail due to the 6-foot dry fall at the end where be a winch point can be found. It connects upper Green Canyon with the north exit/entry road. A great finish and exit for Green Canyon.

The Backstage Pass Level 9 Trail is exciting from start to finish, which is packed full of obstacles, boulders and ledges. The “Slide”, a series of dry waterfalls that are not quite vertical, will have drivers relying on their spotter’s skills to help navigate vehicles through these obstacles. This trail makes a loop as it climbs one canyon crosses over a ridge and drops down into another canyon.

Crystal Canyon Trail is a Level 9  This place is a beautiful canyon with layers of crystal everywhere. Crystal Falls has been described as 300 feet of “hell” followed by a nice hard trail. To assist, there is a solid winch point half way up the Falls.

Extreme Trails; Difficulty Level 10, 11 & 12

Brandon's Challenge/Hooker’s Corner combination is a Level 10 Trail. It is a technical trail with a mixture of 7-8 foot ledges, boulder fields, and a challenging exit. The trail sticks to the bottom of an arroyo and follows an old mine road. Hooker’s Corner is a Difficulty Level 9 Trail but with Brandon’s Challenge the Difficulty Level is increased to 10.

Not Worth It is a Level 10 Trail. When this trail was discovered it was believed that it was “not worth it” to drive it, but, after driving it, minds were changed, and the trail became a favorite. With its steep boulder filled ascent and a massive 10-foot boulder blocking the middle of the trail it may seem crazy to even attempt this canyon, but it will keep drivers in their seats as they navigate this shifty boulder field all the way to the top. 

The Shaft to Off Again; a Level 11 Trail starts with “The Shaft” which is a small boulder field of differential catchers, and after these obstacles are avoided, the trail is a series of 6-7 foot ledges which are slowly covered up to the main dirt road. Once the main road is reached, an opportunity is provided to those drivers who wish to bail out. The remainder will head back down into the canyon to run the second part of the trial, “Off Again”, which is a steep ascent comprised of off-camber climbs, 4-6 foot ledges, and small boulder fields which will challenge drivers’ skills. Body damage is a real possibility on this section of the trail.

(Not for 2017) Minefield/Frame Twister; a Level 11 Trail is a challenge just getting to the trailhead. But then, the fun begins as on the first turn be heads up, or your vehicle could end up on its side.  A great view awaits from the top of the old mine before heading back into the canyon. The first section of Frame Twister starts off with 4-5 foot ledges, with little room for maneuvering as the trail works its way up to a monster 8-9 foot ledge. After successfully conquering the waterfall, navigating a tight turn, and working their way up a few more ledges, drivers will find themselves facing a large boulder field. At this point, drivers can bail out to the left, but if not, push on to the top, watching out for the differential catchers.

Mine Field/The Bone; a Level 11 Trail. Mine Field. Getting to the start of this trail is a challenge in itself, but once on the trail, there is where the fun really begins. Be careful on the first turn or your vehicle could end up on its side. Enjoy a grand view from the top of the old mine before heading back into the canyon. The Bone. The action starts after the first 10 and doesn’t stop.  Along the way there are narrow passages, large boulders, and 6-7 foot ledges, with a challenging undercut ledge midway through the trail.  Just when it is believed the demands are done, the trail throws a deep V notch in your path.

Short Cut is a Level 11 Trail that can be nice going with the right line. However if the wrong line is chosen things can go south real quick. The first obstacle consists of an intimidating crawl up a wash that is at once an ego booster, and a vehicle breaker. That is only the beginning, shortly after that comes a tub that is just waiting to catch those not paying attention. There are walls that come along that will test drivers’ skills whether driving a short or long wheelbase vehicle. If all is going well at this point on the trail, drivers are encouraged to try a ridiculous wall that is also known as “Burnt Out”. It might be one wall, but an Extreme one, and drivers’ adrenaline will be flowing after the top is reached. Working winch, front and rear lockers are required to accomplish this trail, and excellent driving skills are an imperative.  

Warpath a Level 11 Trail is located just east of Caballo Reservoir. Warpath is a legendary trail full of obstacles and large boulders from one end to the other. There are non-stop hardcore obstacles to include the biggest obstacle on the trail, a large waterfall that most vehicles will require the use of their winches or others’ winches, as they will be unable to complete it unassisted. This trail will severely test a driver's nerve and vehicle. Flops and broken parts are very common. The day on this trail will begin early, and likely end late. So, all drivers should plan accordingly.