Vehicle Equipment Required


Notice To All Chile Challenge Participants

Every Chile Challenge trail is rated from 1 (easiest) to 10 (most difficult). These ratings are based upon dry road conditions. Inclement weather can increase ratings on all trails by one or two points. Numerically higher-rated trails are more likely to result in vehicle damage. 

ALCOHOL/ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE POLICY-Absolutely no alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on trail rides by drivers or passengers. Anyone observed using alcohol or illegal substance will be required to leave the Chile Challenge event immediately without any refund. Alcohol in camp is subject to New Mexico State Park rules and regulations.

Minimum Required Equipment By Trail Rating

Trails that are rated 1-3, considered Overland Trails; Stock Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle.

Trails that are rated 4-5, considered Moderate Trails; Minimum 33" tires.

Trails that are rated 6-7, considered Hard Trails; Minimum 35" tires, two traction devices (lockers, limited slip), enhanced suspension.

Trails that are rated 8-10 considered Extreme Trails; Minimum 37" tires, front & rear lockers, winch & enhanced suspension.

Minimum Required Documents & Safety Equipment

Each registered vehicle will be inspected to ensure that the following information & safety equipment is onboard:

- Any US state's current state registration or OHV Tag

- Seat belts for driver & all passengers

- Roll cage or factory hard top

- Fire extinguisher

- First aid kit

- Working CB radio

- Solid battery hold-down

- Tow points; front & rear

A tow strap is highly recommended, as are spare tire, tire repair kit, tools, drinking water, personal hygiene material, etc.!

Please NOTE that for 2019, there will be NO on-site sales of Safety Equipment.

For those who do NOT have the required Safety Equipment will not be registered.

The nearest source for Safety Equipment is a 24 hour Wal-Mart twenty minutes away in nearby Truth or Consequences, NM.

Notice Regarding Vehicle & Equipment Readiness

All vehicles will be inspected prior to final trail selection & registration. Vehicle Inspectors will account for all equipment required by trail rating & safety. As important, it should be noted that the Inspectors will ensure that the vehicle & equipment presented are in satisfactory working condition. Having the necessary equipment, but not in a satisfactory working condition will NOT receive a complete inspection, and will delay trail selection & final registration until the the situation is remedied.  

Frequently Asked Last Minute Inspection Questions

"I forgot my CB radio, or First Aid Kit, or whatever! What can I do?"

This question has been asked frequently over the past many Chile Challenges. 

Last year, CBs, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, etc. were available for sale at the registration desk. They were sold out the first two days of on-site registration. This year no Safety Equipment will be available. Those drivers that showed up afterward had to drive to Truth Or Consequences & even Las Cruces to satisfy the requirement. The best answer to this question is to plan ahead & bring the required gear!

"My buggy has a winch, but its battery cable fell off! Am I okay to register?"

If the trail rating of your trail requires a winch, you will not be registered for that trail, unless your winch is operational beforehand! Go buy a cable!

"Oh man, I can't find my OHV tag, certainly you can see where it was on my windshield! I have one, promise! Can I pass my inspection?"

The BLM issues us a permit to use the trails of the Chile Challenge. That permit requires that all vehicles operating on the trails have a current State issued registration or OHV Tag. The answer is, NO TAG or State Registration, NO Chile Challenge registration!

"I registered on-line, but the trail I wanted was not available. May I see if there is a slot now that I am completing registration on-site, and maybe switch trails?"

Maybe! The popular trails fill up fast on-line. We make every effort to offer the popular trails more than once during the Chile Challenge, but the frequency of these trails are dependent upon  qualified Trail Leaders to lead them. If there are trail vacancies, they will be available during on-site registration.